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Manuals & procedures review

We focus our knowledge in order to offer the best solution for your processes. We believe that if everybody understand their activities the process will flow.

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Hardware & Software Support

Your computers are slow? Hardware installation and Windows, OS X, Microsoft Office support.

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SERVER, NEtwork & STORAGE backup

Admin all your computers and users using a Server. Improve network performance. Be safe using a backup tool.



Automate, optimize and innovate your processes and activities with the correct software according your requirements.


Purchase Order Tracking System
Manage and control your Purchase Orders

Manage, control and keep informed your customers, suppliers and warehouse using just one system. All your partners can access, manage and update status according with their rol. POTS is IBgroup's copyright software.

  • Add and manage ilimited PO's, users, customers, suppliers, warehouses and more using your panel.

  • Customers, suppliers and warehouses shared the same information (online).

  • Personalize and receive an email alert according your preferences.

  • Receive an email alert with the POD when your warehouse or customer receive your product.